The GEO CORE Summer Professional Development Program

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The Following activities have been developed by teacher participants of the GEO CORE Summer Institute.

Atmospheric Sciences:

Uneven Heating of Earth's Surface by Geraldine Sundermier
Introductory activity | Laboratory Activity
Students explore how the physical properties of surface materials influence atmospheric temperature.

Solar Balloon Activity by Malyk Leonard
Through this activity students study the correlation between Pressure, Temperature, and density and their relationship to atmospheric science


Long Island Geology and Groundwater by Lilian Munguia
In this activity students will learn how Long Island's geologic history and current human activity influences Long Island ground water quality.

Well, Well, Well Water We Have Here by Michaelann Jannsen
In this activity students will learn about Long Island's geologic development and study how soil properties influence groundwater movement.


Marine Science:

Water quality and the Health of Long Island Salt Marshes by Chris Kmiotek
In this activity will learn about the connection between salinity, density, pH and study how water quality influences the health of salt marshes in various areas around Long Island.