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Course Resources and Policies

Classroom Policies and Etiquette

All students must arrive on time and be prepared. Each student is expected to bring a notebook and writing utensil during each lecture and the lab manual only on lab days. It is also advised that students bring a pencil on lab days as there may be many corrections made during the course of the lab.

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones may and will be used during the lecture for note taking purposes, however, texting, Facebook, and games are not permitted during the lecture portion of this class—this is extremely distracting to me and your classmates and nothing your friends are doing is more important than your education. All phones should be silenced during the lecture.


It is my goal as your professor to ensure that you have the necessary resources that will allow you to successfully pass all sections of this course. On the course website, www.thisoldearth.net, you will find a tentative calendar of assignments, copies of my lecture presentations, course syllabus and outline, online resources, and most importantly a link to my email and all contact info.

To access our lecture notes first select this course from the “Courses” menu on the left side of the website. Then select “Schedule” from the menu on the right of our courses page. Click “Description” to display a description of any individual lecture with its corresponding objectives as well as access the lecture presentation.

As well as the public website this course will also utilize MasteringGeology.com. Access codes (which include the ebook version of the textbook) are available through the campus bookstore. This site will be used for all graded homework assignments.


In order to be successful in any course you need to practice what you learn. My philosophy with homework is that it is designed to help you not hurt you. All people, including me, learn more when we make mistakes-- the hard part is learning to take chances when you know you might be wrong. It is ok to be wrong as long as we learn why we were wrong. For these reasons your homework will never be graded based on whether you are right or wrong it is graded based purely on the development of ideas.

Homework assignments can be turned in at anytime but are due no later than the date shown above. There are no make up assignments.

Homework is graded based on the development of ideas and can earn a maximum of three (3) points; 1pt: all questions answered with little to no development of ideas; 2: All questions answered and shows effort to develop ideas; 3: All questions answered with well developed ideas.

Your first assignment is due on January 30.

Laboratory Assignments

Students are expected to read the laboratory assignment prior to the start of the lab period. All scheduled lab assignments will be listed in the lecture description available through the course website.

Students are encouraged to work in groups during lab; however, copying from the text or another student's answers to lab questions is not acceptable and may result in a zero for the assignment for all parties involved.

At the end of each lab period students are expected to turn in that day's assignment, unless otherwise specified. Labs will be graded individually and handed back within one week.

At the end of the term the lowest lab grade will be dropped.

Lecture Exams

Exams will begin at the start of class and last the entire duration of the lecture portion (1hr 15min). There are no make-up exams. Exams may be rescheduled at least one week in advance for a valid and excused absence.

Lab Practicals

There will be two lab practicals scheduled during the semester. The purpose of these practicals is to assess your ability to perform specific laboratory skills and concepts practiced during the weekly lab period. It is for this reason that, while group work is expected during individual lab exercises you understand and are capable of performing those practiced lab techniques.

Attendance and Lateness

I will adhere to the attendance policy established by the college. This policy is printed in the College Catalog and defines excessive absence as more than one week's worth of classes. After missing one week of class a student may be dropped from the course.

Students that are absent from a class are encouraged to contact me via telephone or e-mail and are responsible for all material covered during the absence.

Students are responsible for all material taught and all assignments given. There are no makeup exams. Exams may be rescheduled ahead of time if circumstances warrant it.

STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE ON TIME- Lateness not only distracts me but it also distracts those students who arrived on time. Late students will not receive extra time for quizzes or exams.


Copied or plagiarized work is unacceptable in a college or professional environment. Copied or plagiarized work may result in failure in the course and further disciplinary action.



Lab Assignments 10%
Lab Practicals 20%
Homework/Quizzes 10%
Lecture Exams 60%

Grading Practices

The final grade you receive in this class will be a direct result of the amount of time you put into learning the material. Your assignments will be weighted in the final course grade as shown in the table to the right.

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