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Welcome to This Old Earth

Over the past few years it has been my desire to be able to provide my students with a website that will not only serve as an information hub for my classes but would encourage students to excel by demonstrating the real-world relevance of the topics discussed in my classes. Each year I think I get a little closer to this goal.

Recently I have included content that will allow all visitors to this site to access interactive pages to help identify rocks and minerals and also access my new project "Geology Online" a fully online textbook free to all. If you are an educator and wish to add to this project please contact me using the 'Contact Me' link to the left.

By the addition of the Science RSS feed I hope students, and anyone else who happens upon this site, will see that science is not something talked about for 3 hours a week. It is an ongoing ever-evolving discussion that we can all contribute to.

With that said, from this site you have access to all of my course related documents and information including: class syllabus, tentative course calendar, handouts, and even my lecture notes (in both Word and PowerPoint).

Science News: